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Parade Antiques Blog

Southgate’s Diary, Part 8 – 13-28th August 1941

13th August 1941

Still very busy at work. Still raining. Had rabbit last night, which was very nice and I hope to have it again tonight. The Germans are attacking still and I fear for Odessa. But even if the Huns take the town, it will be the first of any importance in 8 weeks of very hard fighting. Last night we bombed 6 German towns including Berlin.

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Product of the Week, 25/9 – c1750 Bristol Delft Blue and White Chinese Style Tureen

Product of the Week 25/9 - Delft Tureen

We have recently listed our Delft collection on our website and this is our pick of the bunch. A tureen in this condition is a rare find

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Southgate’s Diary, Part 7 – 10-12th August 1941

10th August 1941

According to the paper today, the Germans have made serious gains in Russia. This reminds me of Mr Barthe, “you will see, Mr Maurice, it will be the Russians that will save us.”

12th August 1941

Since yesterday, I am back in the office, with a lot to do. I left my diary at home, but I feel like writing to you, so I am putting it on a loose sheet. Many people, especially, the Hun, would like to know this. Mr Churchill is in conversation with Mr Roosevelt at this moment, on the latter’s yacht.

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Raft Racing and Maurice Southgate SOE Diary Update

Sorry for the delay in getting out the latest entry of Maurice Southgate’s diary, we have spent the last week working tirelessly(ish) to build a raft robust enough to fit us all on and not sink (a feat of engineering some thought to be impossible).

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Barbican Raft Race Test Run

The maiden voyage of our glorious raft, ahead of the Barbican raft race being held on Sunday 16th September. Worth a visit for sure, we may well all fall in the water!

Southgate’s Diary, Part 6 – 3-5th August 1941

3rd July 1941

Went with my father to Hounslow to visit one of his cousins. His son (32) is in the army. His daughter got married during the war and her husband left for Africa 2 weeks later. He is missing. Darling I miss you so much, I sometimes wonder, what is the point without you?

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Product of the Week, 5/9 – Japan WWI Order Of The Rising Sun Breast Star & Case

An excellent example of a WWI era Japanese Order Of The Rising Sun 1st Clas Breast Badge in Silver with gilding and enamels.

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