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Southgate’s Diary, Part 17 – 16th February – 7th March 1942

16th February 1942

Monday Morning: Just had a wonderful weekend with Pearl, or more exactly at Pearl’s. Her sister Doudon (Jacqueline) was on leave and in the afternoon, 2 young women (Czech) and 2 other English came round and joined us for tea. We had lots of fun and this was a welcome change considering the current climate. We have let 3 German ships take the piss out of us and we have lost Singapore.

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Southgate’s Diary, Part 16 – 2nd January – 2nd February 1942

2nd January 1942

Friday: Headache since yesterday. Took 2 aspirins earlier on, but not much change in my box of tricks. Not overloaded, but quite a lot of work. I saw Jack at the Regent Palace Hotel at 19:45 with Pearl. Had a good dinner in a small French restaurant. Then after a glass or two at ‘Chez Yvonne’, Pearl left us. Jack and I wandered the streets. Light evening and rather mild. Impossible to have a drink in a pub, absolutely packed – singing and drinking. We tried several pubs. Finally a pub, but we couldn’t reach the bar and when we did, time was called at 23:00 hours. We went back out: Oxford Street, Picadilly, Trafalgar Square. All the people spill out of the Bistros, 25% are drunk. The women more than the men. A little WAAF, not more than 18, pretty as a picture, falls at my feet

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