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Southgate’s Diary, Part 10 – 6th September – 26th September 1941

6th September 1941

Midday news: bulk of Italians taking another pounding in the Med.

Wing Commander Wells is back. At present in meeting with Squadron leader Green and F/O Gardner. I’ve managed to catch up on my work.

24th September 1941

This morning we had a visit from General Vallin, Chief of Staff of the Free French Air Force. He has just come back from an inspection tour in Africa and Syria.

The Syria-Lebanon campaign or Operation Export, was the allied invasion of the Vichy-French-controlled Syria and Lebanon in June and July of 1941. The conflict was a curious one, because it was one of the few where British and Free French forces were fighting Vichy French forces.

The Russian front is still holding and becoming tough. In France disorder and sabotage are becoming reasonably well organised.

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