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Parade Antiques Blog

What’s on the Plymouth Barbican – A look at 2014

In 2014 the Plymouth Barbican is once again filled with an exciting line-up of events to look forward to. This year we see popular annual events, some new and the return of a highly popular music event. The International Barbican Jazz & Blues Festival!

Coming up on the Plymouth Barbican in 2014…

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What’s on the Plymouth Barbican – December 2013

On the 28th November the Barbican Christmas lights were switched on with hundreds gathering to see the Children’s Lantern Parade. Over 200 school children carrying their lanterns along the Barbican cobble stones. Even the Barbican Prawn this year has been given the Christmas treatment and looks stunning at night!

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What’s on the Plymouth Barbican – November 2013

The clocks may have gone back and the evenings are getting darker, but this is where the Plymouth Barbican starts to shine. The Barbican is nicely lit up this time of year and the friendly local traders are enthusiastic as ever. Christmas is just around the corner there is no better place to be than here on the waterfront.

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What’s on the Plymouth Barbican – October 2013

After a packed event schedule over the summer the Plymouth Barbican takes a breath during October before unleashing a 3 day Thanksgiving event in November. More on this next month ;).
Firstly congratulations of the guys at Parade Antiques who won the ABB Barbican Raft Race last month!

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What’s on the Plymouth Barbican – September 2013

We have a number of large events taking place during this month here on the Plymouth Barbican, including the unmissable annual ABB Barbican Raft Race!

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Raft Racing and Maurice Southgate SOE Diary Update

Sorry for the delay in getting out the latest entry of Maurice Southgate’s diary, we have spent the last week working tirelessly(ish) to build a raft robust enough to fit us all on and not sink (a feat of engineering some thought to be impossible).

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Barbican Raft Race Test Run

The maiden voyage of our glorious raft, ahead of the Barbican raft race being held on Sunday 16th September. Worth a visit for sure, we may well all fall in the water!

Parade Antiques Blog

This blog? What is it about? Good question. What are blogs usually about? Some pretentious fool wishing for his voice to be heard, sadly this isn’t much different. Alas, we are just simple Antiques folk trying to fashion a niche in this world.

Antiques and all things that are related, things we believe you should know about – the sort of useless information that improves only your pub-quiz performance. Anything from history, antiques, sports, even cooking… who knows? Anything is key here.

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