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Packing and Posting Antiques and Collectables

The good folks over at Worthpoint have published our article, ‘Getting it there in One Piece: Tips on Packaging and Shipping Antiques’, written by Rob. It can be found at:

It describes some cost-effective methods to protect your fragile, unique and often valuable pieces when sending them all over the world. Postal services and couriers are often unwilling to properly insure antiques and collectables, so good protective packing is very important for anyone selling antiques online, for your customer’s satisfaction and your piece of mind. A must read guide for those looking to start posting antiques.

For those who don’t know, Rob is Parade Antique’s packing sage. He once blew a bubble using fairy liquid and water, packed it and sent it to the moon. It arrived unharmed.

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  2. Pricilla Cherian

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