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Product of the Week, 2/10 – 1816 Battle of Waterloo Print “View from Mont St Jean”

1816 Battle of Waterloo Print “View from Mont St Jean”

Antique Prints are quite hit and miss with many art collectors but every now and then you come across a bit of a gem. This print shows one of the notable moments in the Battle of Waterloo and although there have been many images idealised after the battle, this print was was produced a mere year after the event. That does not leave much time for the imagination to blur what happened.

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  1. Thank you Lista de emails! Very kind words as usual, I can see you are extremely interested by the Battle of Waterloo, to unhealthy levels, dare I say? Particularly enjoyed the part where you linked your website 5 times in quick succession. That’s genius and frankly, if the other blogs don’t see that… there’s something wrong with them.

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