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Southgate’s Diary, Part 9 – 28th August-4th September 1941

Southgate's Diary part 9

28th August 1941

I hope you find this diary more interesting with the newspaper clippings. I like it, but even without the Russians, the English were certain to win the war. In how many years, God knows. But with the help of the USSR it will bring the fall of Adolf.

29th August 1941

Today Bramwell has spoken on the radio in a new piece of propaganda in French for the French at midday English time. Maybe you’ve heard it, not knowing it was old Bramwell.

31st August 1941

Got up early today on Sunday (8:30). Worked in the garden. Am now in the living room listening to the radio, this book on my knees and writing my latest news. Mother has gone out and father has started a drawing on the sinking of the Lancastria.

At Dunkirk, Southgate was evacuated on the Lancastria; It was sunk by the Luftwaffe off the coast of Britain.

On Friday I left the Ministry early and went to see “Target for the Night” and “One night in Rio”. Very good.

3rd September 1941

Sore head today. Major (also Squadron leader) Green has accused us of losing a ‘MOST SECRET’ document. After searching for an hour, I find it amongst his papers. He has apologised, but my head still hurts.

4th September 1941

Wells has gone off inspecting. Green, Biles, Roc de Besombes and Gardner are in a meeting. Left office at 19:30 last night, still lots to do. I am really tired. Documents, Dossiers, Russians, French, Poles, Czechs, Belgians, Danes, Dutch and others. More files and more research, always under pressure. Sgt. This, Sgt. That. Had lunch today with my personal assistant Miss Sherwood. She wanted to pay the bill [Wife’s note: Certain French would find that normal.

Thursday: am sitting in Col. Wells’ office and out of the window I can see St Pauls in the mist. Listening to Madame Butterflyon on the radio, whilst waiting for the European news. What do you think of it? Berlin and Frankfurt got hit yesterday, so I suppose London will get it soon. It’s the 3rd year of the war.

3 Squadron leaders and a Wing Commander are arguing at the moment. It is very lively. It regards sending pilots and mechanics to Russia and by which route. Stark is leaving us on the 12th; he is being made a 2nd lieutenant.

Maurice Southgate’s words
Translated by Parade Antiques

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  1. Bernard O'Connor

    Hi Nigel, Might you have a decent photo of Maurice I could use in a publication? He features in ‘Churchill’s School for Saboteurs’, ‘Sabotage in France’ and ‘Blackmail Sabotage’.


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